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CEE-LINE Single Beam Echo Sounder - RENTAL

  • Model: CEE-LINE
  • Manufactured by: CEE HydroSystems

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Product Description:
Single beam echo sounder performance in miniature.

CEE-LINE™ is a big echosounder in a tiny package, designed for survey applications where size is critical. Waterproof, powerful, and practically indestructible.

The CEE-LINE™ offers hydrographic survey grade echo sounder performance in a miniscule package hardly wider than the transducer cable. With an indestructible weatherproof coating the CEE-LINE™ is ideal for unconventional survey applications where minimizing size and weight is crucial. Able to operate in dual frequency 33/200 kHz mode the CEE-LINE™ transforms your analog sonar transducer into a survey echo sounder.