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Portable Ground Penetrating Radar - Proceq GPR Live - RENTAL

  • Model: G-896-GPR Live
  • Manufactured by: Proceq/Screening Eagle

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Product Description:
The most innovative ultra-wideband portable GPR for concrete testing

Proceq GPR Live ground penetrating radar instrument is the beginning of a new era in NDT. The outstanding and patented ultra wideband technology combined with a compact wireless scan car delivers unmatched industry performance. Just connect to your iPad and detect objects and backwalls with amazing clarity. Learn more about how to easily assess concrete with Proceq’s new GPR technology. 

Pioneering ultra-wideband

Proceq GPR Live features the unique Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave radar technology delivering the widest frequency spectrum in the market. All applications typically addressed with radar antennas in the range of 0.9 to 3.5 GHz can now be covered with a single device. No need to buy and switch to a different antenna for every testing location. Current GPR solutions, in fact, cover only one frequency which allows to scan for only once specific penetration depth. Additionally, such solutions have large limitations in terms of detectable object size.

Unmatched connectivity

The powerful, user-friendly Proceq GPR Live app for Apple® iPad together with the wireless Proceq GPR Live probe make it possible to perform real-time, on-site data analysis, sharing, and collaboration, like no other product in its category.

Imaging to simplify daily operation

The Proceq GPR Live app for Apple® iPad is designed to simplify the entire assessment process of concrete structures. As an example, the integrated wizard assists you with audio feedback during area scans. The intuitive object identification marker is another great feature that makes the life of every operator easier.

Largest display in the market

The Swiss Made Proceq GPR Live probe wirelessly connects to its app for Apple® iPad. Thus, Proceq GPR Live allows instant imaging on a high-resolution touchscreen of up to 12.9 inches diagonal (iPad Pro) - this makes it the GPR with the largest and most crisp display in the industry.

Compact probe design

The wireless, compact Proceq GPR Live probe is built into a lightweight but still robust housing, and ensures reliable, high-quality measurement results even when in the most challenging environments. Additionally, the probe operates with standard rechargeable AA batteries to guarantee smooth air travels and easy battery replacements worldwide.