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FM Class 1 Div 2 Thermal Mass Flowmeters for Gases

FM Class I Div 2 Details 
The Class Division marking for hazardous locations (sometimes referred to as HazLoc) is mostly used in and intended for the North American market (United States and Canada). In North America the suitability of equipment for the specific hazardous area must be tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Bronkhorst has chosen the testing labarotory FM Approvals to perform the required testing. Other NRTL’s are for example UL, MET or CSA. Therefore indicate the FM Class I Div 2 approval to the customer in case UL, MET or CSA are requested.

Ingress Protection

Temperature range

Protection covers

The Class I Div 2 certification is valid for all IN-FLOW models (MFM, MFM with separate valve, MFC, LOW-ΔP) excluding the models mentioned below, because the applicable valve coil 5.03.083 (coil assy XC IP65) is not certified for Class I Div 2.




valve F-042CI
Limited options for the customized I/O configuration. The digital output options are not available: digital output, digital frequency output, digital PWM output and digital pulse output.