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Heat Flux Sensing in Battery Monitoring

November 28, 2019
Category: News

The article below is from greenTEG.

Heat FluxBatteries are critical devices for many people today: they power smartphones, laptops, and even cars! The wide adoption of batteries was possible because of the invention of the lithium-ion battery (whose inventors won the Nobel Prize this year). If we look at its results, the Li-Ion battery was surely one of the most important engineering achievements of the last 50 years.

Given its importance, during the past decades, many researchers have been working to better understand how batteries work, as a mean to improve its efficiency and performance.
For that purpose, it is fundamental to correctly monitor the calorimetric performance of batteries, a critical indicator of the phase change of lithium-ion in the battery’s electrodes. Through that, we can figure out the state of charge (SOC), and the state of health (SOH) of any battery.
Hence, it is very important to set up a reliable monitoring system. Using heat flux sensors for that purpose has the advantage of downsizing the measurement device and saving quite a lot of money. It also improves features resolution, reduces the noise level, and has no offset.
Moreover, heat flux sensors combined with external temperature sensors allow measuring the inner temperature of batteries, helping to prevent the thermal runaway of the device.
At greenTEG, we have been helping battery researchers all over the world to monitor batteries with accuracy, efficiency, and at a very reasonable price. If you want more information about this topic, click here to download our latest presentation about this topic.