Hand Penetrometer

  • Model: E-365-06.01.SA, E-365-06.01.SB
  • Manufactured by: Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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Product Description:

Penetrometers are used to determine the resistance to penetration (bearing capacity) of a soil. The Eijkelkamp Penetrometer is delivered in two different sets:

06.01.SA Hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp, set to a depth of 1 meter
06.01.SB Hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp, set to a depth of 3 meter

Basically the penetrometer consists of a measuring instrument, a probing rod and a cone. The device is pushed perpendicular into the soil by applying equal pressure on both grips. Jerking pushes yields values which are too high and which do not represent the soil.

The resistance measured by the cone can be read from the pressure gauge as indicated by the black pointer. The maximum resistance recorded during measurement is indicated by the red dragging pointer.

The resistance to penetration (kPa/cm2) of the soil can now be determined by dividing the reading value by the surface of the cones. The value of the resistance to penetration to be expected determines the surface of the cone to be used. For high values the small cone is used and for low values the larger cones are applied. The larger the cone the more accurate the value of the resistance to penetration can be determined.


Because of their depth range the devices can be applied for the following:

· general soil research;
· basic advise for foundations;
· checking artificial compaction of the soil;
· research of the growing circumstances (to be expected of plants in the soil);
· tracing compacted layers in the soil.

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