Thermal Cameras

  • Model: I-B26-I-Series
  • Manufactured by: FLIR

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Product Description:

Groundbreaking affordability. Best-in-class performance.

The FLIR i3's 60 × 60 detector, 3,600 pixel resolution, 12.5° field of view, and groundbreakingly low price, make it a practical choice over temp guns for home owners looking to save money on heating bills and contractors looking for a new tool to find or confirm building problems.
FLIR i5 Thermal Camera
If your application requires a more detailed image and the ability to see more of the scene in one picture, the FLIR i5 is a logical choice with an 80 × 80 detector, 6,400 pixel resolution, and 17° field of view. Insulation specialists, HVAC professionals, and electrical contractors can use the FLIR i5 to find a wide array of heat-related problems.

The RESNET Compliant FLIR i7
The FLIR i7's 120 × 120 detector, 14,400 pixel resolution, and 25° field of view, provides razor-sharp image clarity, and meets the new RESNET thermal imaging standard-- making it an ideal choice for energy auditors, building inspectors, and predictive maintenance professionals. The FLIR i7 also offers area and isotherm measurement features for more detailed analysis.