In-line Turbine Flow Meter

  • Model: QuikSert
  • Manufactured by: Blancett

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Product Description:

The Blancett QuikSert In-line Turbine Flow Meter provides the high accuracy and rigorous design of the standard Blancett turbine, but in a wafer-style mounting configuration.  With a unique "between-the-flange" design, the need for mating flanges is eliminated, saving installation time and cost, and allowing for limited space requirements.  The meter features a 316 stainless steel housing and rotor support, CD4MCU stainless steel rotor, and abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide rotor shaft and journal bearings.  Precision upstream and downstream flow straighteners ensure a high degree of measurement accuracy.

Part NumberMeter Size x Flange SizeFlow Ranges GPMFlow Ranges BPDTypical K-factor pulses/gallon
B131-0383/8" x 1"0.60 - 3.0020-10018,000
B131-0501/2" x 1"0.75-7.5025-25013,000
B131-0753/4" x 1"2.0-15.068-5153,300
B131-0887/8" x 1"3.0-30.0100-10003,100
B131-1001" x 1"5.0-50.0170-1700870
B132-0501/2" x 2"0.75-7.5025-25013,000
B132-0753/4" x 2"2.0-15.068-5153,300
B132-0887/8" x 2"3.0-30.0100-10003,100
B132-1001" x 2"5.0-50.0170-1700870
B132-1501-1/2" x 2"15-180515-6000310
B132-2002" x 2"40-4001,300-13,00048
B133-3003 x 3"60-6002,100-21,00057
B134-4004" x 4"100 - 1,2003,400 - 41,00029
B136-6006" x 6"200 - 2,5006,800 - 86,0007
B138-8008" x 8"250 - 3,5008,500-120,0003
B139-90010" x 10"500 - 5,00017,150-171,5001.6