Drum Thief (Sampling Tube)

  • Model: G-142-K27400
  • Manufactured by: Koehler Instruments

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Product Description:

Test Method
All samplers conform to ASTM D4057 (formerly ASTM D270), D6074 or ASTM D1265 specifications.

Features and Benefits

• Choice of plated brass or stainless steel construction

Drum Thief (Sampling Tube)
For tube sampling from barrels and drums. Takes bottom samples or all-levels samples. Maximum sample capacity of 24 oz (710mL).

Dimensions lxdia.,in.(cm)
1.25x40 (3.2x102)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight:
6 lbs (2.7kg)

G-142-K27400Drum Thief, plated brass
G-142-K27401Drum Thief, stainless steel