Bohlin DSR II Rheometer

  • Manufactured by: Malvern Instruments

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Product Description:

The world renowned Bohlin DSR II rheometer, the industry standard dynamic shear rheometer for SHRP and AASHTO asphalt test. (Complies with AASHTO TP5)

Fully automated, robust and easy to use.
Developed in close cooperation with SHRP researchers, the Bohlin DSR asphalt rheometer set new standards in asphalt testing technology offering precise and accurate unattended operation.

Maximized Sample Throughput.
For SHRP QC testing, sample throughout is of paramount importance. Therefore, every feature of the DSRII design has been implemented with the goal of minimizing the time required to make each measurement according to AASHTO TP5.

Temperature Control - Bohlin's pioneering design.
Bituminous materials are extremely temperature sensitive with large variations in their material properties over a fraction of a degree centigrade. Even small temperature gradients in the sample and errors between the sensor temperature and the mean sample temperature can render rheological data unreliable.
To over come this problem, the Bohlin DSRII asphalt rheometer incorporates a clean, easy to use system which completely immerses the sample in a temperature controlled fluid (patented) complying fully with the SHRP testing protocol

Gap Setting - Simple and thermally stable
The DSRII gap can easily be changed to any desired value. For simplicity, both of the specification testing positions are clearly marked and can be easily selected. With most rheometer systems, the gap must be constantly reset during a days testing and must be readjusted every time the temperature or the measuring systems are changed. The Bohlin DSRII addresses both of these issues eliminating continual resetting of the gap to help optimize sample throughput and eliminate operator error.

A Choice of Mechanical or Air Bearing
The DSRII rheometer is offered in two forms having either a Mechanical or an Air Bearing. Mechanical Bearing units can also be upgraded to Air Bearing units if testing requirements change.

Software - SuperPave or Research
Easy to use, Windows driven software is standard for SuperPave Specification and grade determination testing.
To complement the SuperPave software, a range of research grade software is available for use with the DSRII enabling the units capabilities to be expanded into a full research grade unit.