SS-16 Standard Flow Foot Valve

  • Model: E-476-SS-16
  • Manufactured by: Waterra

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Product Description:

This is the standard valve component for the Waterra Standard Flow inertial pump. Simply screw this valve in to the base of our 5/8" Waterra HDPE tubing and you have a fully functional inertial pump. Minimum well diameter: 1"

The Standard Flow System is the most popular inertial pump. This system is best suited for 2" monitoring wells and can provide lifts of 150 to 200 feet. Flow rates can be as much as 1 gallon per minute.

The system consists of two components: a Standard Flow foot valve and a length of 5/8" OD Standard Flow high density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing.

The Standard Flow System is best used in wells off 1" to 2" inside diameter. This system is suitable for a variety of sampling environments. Optional tubing includes low density polyethylene (LDPE) (Canada only) and Teflon (FEP).

The Standard Flow System is frequently used because if offers the ability to develop new monitoring well installations and can remove even the most turbid groundwater with no detrimental effect to the pump. Once development is completed the same pump can be used to both purge and sample the well. Since the system is so affordable most customers choose to dedicate the inertial pump to the monitoring well thereby eliminating the need for decontamination.

Material: Stainless Steel
Maximum Depth: 150'
Tubing Size: 5/8" OD